Training Ground

Training Ground is a crucial location in PoofyLand, where players can hone their skills, test their team combinations, and gather the resources they need to be successful in the arena. It is the perfect opportunity to see if the team is a good combination or not, and to evaluate each Poofy's full potential.
As a Poofy Master, the knowledgeable and experienced trainers of the Poofies, you control the teams and choose which ones to use in the battles. You will guide the Poofies through the training process and are in control improve the team's performance.
One of the most valuable resources in the Training Ground is the Rune Fragments. These fragments are essential for fusing Poofies together, and they can be found and mined in the training ground. This makes it an important location for players who want to create powerful, unique combinations of Poofies that will be successful in the arena.
In addition to mining Rune Fragments, players can also acquire Experience Points in the Training Ground. These points can be earned through practice and hard work, and are used to level up your characters which in turn give skills points used for gaining new skills or upgrading existing ones for their Poofies.
The Skill Points on the other hand, are a valuable resource, as they allow players to customize and improve their Poofies to suit their individual play styles. With new skills and upgraded abilities, players can create teams that are well-rounded and versatile, capable of adapting to any situation they may face in the arena.

The Training Ground is the perfect place for players to experiment with different combinations of skills, and to see how they can best be used to create a winning team. As a Poofy Master, you can learn how to effectively use your Poofies' Skill Points to create the strongest, most effective team possible.

As players progress through the training process, they will discover the strengths and weaknesses of each Poofy, and learn how to use them to their advantage. As the Poofy Master, you will provide guidance for Poofies, know which ones work best together, and to create the most effective teams possible.
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