In a hidden corner of the earth, where the trees glow with magic, and the mushrooms shimmer like diamonds, there lies the birthplace of the Earth Poofies. These fantastical creatures are born from special eggs, which are laid by a powerful mother earth spirit, Goddess Gaiafuzz.

The eggs themselves are small and unassuming, but they are filled with a potent and ancient magic. As they hatch, tiny Earth Poofy pups emerge, their fluffy fur brimming with colorful sparks of energy. From the moment they hatch, the Earth Poofies are surrounded by a magical energy that imbues them with special powers. They have the ability to harness the earth's natural magic, using it to create spells and manipulate the elements around them.

As the Terra Poofies grow and explore their surroundings, they discover that they have a particular affinity for plants and flowers. They are able to communicate with the flora around them, coaxing them to grow and bloom in brilliant colors and patterns.

The Terra Poofies become beloved creatures of the forest, known for their whimsical spirit and their ability to bring life and magic to the land. They are often sought out by other creatures in need of help, and they use their powers to heal the sick, create enchanting illusions, and bring joy to all those around them.

And so, the Terra Poofies continue to flourish and thrive, their unique origins and magical abilities making them a treasured part of the enchanted forest.




Special Ability




"Dazzlestone" the Aetherian


"Stone shell" harden its skin to the toughness of the stone after getting two attacks

Increase defence by 10% grant immunity for spells 10%

Increase defense by 15% grant immunity for spells 15%

Increase defense by 20% grant immunity for spells 20%

"Pebbles" the Nympharth


"Boulder Beast" transforming into a hulking boulder-like creature increases strength and absorbing damage

absorb 8% damage, increase strength to 2%

absorb 10% damage increase strength to 4%

absorb 12% damage increase strength to 6%

"Rocksnout" the Geolight


"Geo spike" create sharp and sturdy spikes returning damage to enemy, increases attack damage

return damage 2% increase 8% attack

return damage 3% increase 10% attack

return damage 4% increase 12% attack

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