Fusion is a powerful mechanism that allows players to combine their Poofies together to create even stronger ones. When players initiate a fusion in the fusion chamber, they choose two or more Poofies to merge together. The resulting Poofy is a combination of the stats and abilities of the Poofies used in the fusion.

One of the most important benefits of fusion is that it increases the star level of the resulting Poofy. Star level determines the points added to the base attributes of the character.

However, fusion comes with a risk. When Poofies are fused together, only one Poofy remains, and the rest are absorbed. As a result, players need to carefully consider which Poofies to fuse and which ones to keep. They also need to make sure that they have the necessary minerals and resources to initiate the fusion process.

Fusion Instructions

Steps on how to Fuse:

  1. Pick the Poofy you want to upgrade as your main choice from the list on your right.

  2. Upon selecting your primary Poofy, the game will seamlessly filter out the Poofies available for sacrifice.

  3. Once all available spaces have been filled, press the Fuse button to view the success rate and requirements.

  4. Once all necessary materials are ready, select Proceed to begin the Fusion Process or Cancel to end it.

  5. On top of the poofy, a single star will be visible following a successful fusion.


*The prerequisites and success rate vary for each Poofy rank and star.

*Only Poofies with the same element and rarity can be fused together.

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