Skill Tree

A skill tree is a graphical representation of a system that organizes and categorizes a variety of elemental skills into three different types: basic, enhancement, and ultimate. Each skill in the tree is depicted as a node or box, and it is connected to other skills through a series of lines or branches. These connections typically show the progression of skills from one level to the next, with basic skills level 1 leading to basic skills level 2 and so on. The same progression is observed in enhancements and ultimate skills.
In order to upgrade a skill, a player must acquire skill points, which are used to unlock higher levels of that skill. Skill points can be earned by leveling up characters. This can be done by training Poofies in a training ground under the guidance of poofy masters and unlocking new character levels. This training involves completing various challenges, adventures and missions to gain experience and improve skills.
The basic skills are usually the starting point of the skill tree and are essential for unlocking higher levels of skills. The enhancement skills, typically another set of starting skills, are usually buffs, debuffs, additional effects or increasing powers. Finally, the ultimate skills are the most powerful and difficult to obtain, often requiring a large number of skill points and significant effort to acquire.
The skill tree provides a visual representation of a player's progress and mastery of the various skills in the game. It allows players to plan their character's development and choose which skills to focus on in order to optimize their gameplay experience. The skill tree is a fundamental aspect of the game and provides a satisfying sense of progression and achievement for players.