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Q4 2022

Research Ideas about Metaverse, Web3,Crypto Currency and NFT games conceptualization and Planning.

  • Team Onboarding
  • Project Plan Approval
  • Poofyland Character Designs, Metaverse Ideas and Graphics Conceptualization
  • Implementation of Game Play and workflow Designs
  • Game Designs and Licensing
  • Game Characters and Map Prototype Finalization
  • Completion of Documents for proper mobile app deployment ( IOS / ANDROID )
  • In game Economic Design and implementation

Q1 2023

Website Development and Marketing Phase

  • Official Release of marketing Site and Content
  • Trailer and Teasers of in game story outline
  • Implementation of whitepaper and NFT Smart contract
  • Internal Phase: Game and Shop Testing
  • Marketing and Community Events Starts
  • Social Media and Press Release Publications

Q2 2023

Internal Test

  • Internal Phase: PVP and Training Ground Enhancements
  • NFT Minting (Internal Test)
  • Game enhancement: Internal Test
  • Fixing and polishing in game assets
  • Video Trailers release
  • AMA Sessions and Youtube Promotions

Q3 2023

Beta Test and Official Game Release Phase

  • Public Release: Beta Test App
  • Public Release: Training Ground,Mission, PVP Mode, Game Shop
  • In Game Economy Integration ( Energy and Gold )
  • Official Game Launching (All Game Modes)
  • NFT Public Sales
  • Mobile Application Release: Android and IOS
  • NFT Public Sales

Q4 2023

  • Public Release: Fusion
  • PVP Tournaments
  • New Accessories (Seasonal Exclusive Batch Release)
  • Existing Game Modes Fine-tuning and updates
  • Additional Game Modes TBA
  • Community Engagement and marketing Strategies
  • AMA with DEVS

Q1 2024

  • Marketplace Launching
  • Additional Rarities Implementation
  • Community Events and tournaments

Q1 2024

  • Ongoing Development