🏊How to Buy Poofies

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In the game, players can purchase Poofy Eggs (individual) or Poofy Nests (set of 3 eggs) using minerals, which can be bought in the in-game shop. These eggs are unique items that contain Poofies. Once a player has purchased a Poofy Egg, they can hatch it and mint the Poofy, which will then become playable in the game.

TypePrice in Minerals: 1 Egg Price in Minerals: 1 Nest (3 Eggs)Savings if Nest is purchased







save 250




save 500




save 600

To hatch a Poofy Egg, the player must first purchase it using their minerals. Once the egg has been purchased, the player can then initiate the hatching process straightaway. Once the hatching process is complete, the Poofy will be minted and added to the player's collection.

Poofy Eggs contain mystery Poofies, and their rarities and types are not defined at the time of purchase. This means that when a player purchases a Poofy Egg using minerals from the in-game shop, they do not know what type of Poofy they will receive until the egg hatches.

The mystery aspect of Poofy Eggs adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the game. Players never know exactly what they will get, and they must be willing to take risks in order to potentially acquire rare and valuable Poofies. This feature also encourages players to continue playing and engaging with the game's economy, as they never know when they might acquire a highly coveted Poofy.

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