Missions are specially designed areas within the training grounds where poofy masters can manually engage their Poofies in battles against the Dark Poofies controlled by the AI. In these missions, three Poofies will be deployed to fight against their dark counterparts, and the difficulty level will increase as the mission progresses. By completing these missions, poofy masters will gain higher experience and rune fragments, which are essential for fusing Poofies. As the mission level increases, the experience gain in the training ground will also increase. However, poofy masters must keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of missions they can access or complete in a day. If the deployed Poofies are unable to defeat the AI, the team will not be able to proceed to the next mission level. In such cases, poofy masters should return to the basic training ground and train their Poofies further to gain more experience points and upgrade their skills. Once the Poofies are strong enough, poofy masters can continue to engage in mission where they left off and defeat stronger enemies on the succeeding levels.


  • Missions are special areas where poofy masters battle Dark Poofies controlled by AI

  • Players manually deploy three Poofies and difficulty increases as they progress

  • Every player account can only play in missions 5 times regardless if the attempt to defeat the boss fails or not. Counter resets at 12AM UTC daily.

  • Completing missions earns experience and rune fragments for poofy fusion

  • Higher mission levels increase experience gain in training grounds.

    Daily limit on missions and inability to defeat AI stops progress

  • Poofy masters train Poofies in basic training ground to upgrade skills

  • Stronger Poofies can continue to engage in missions and defeat stronger enemies on higher levels

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