1️⃣Character Levels

In Poofyland, as characters level up, they gain Attribute Points (AP) and Skill Points (SP). For a character to level up, Poofies need to gain experience points on the training ground. Once experience points are earned, Poofy Masters may distribute EXP’s to whichever poofy they own.

To encourage experimentation with different combinations of attributes and skills, Poofyland offers players a free reset for their characters once a month. This reset allows players to redistribute their AP and SP, allowing them to try out different combinations and optimize their Poofy's abilities for different game modes. However, if players wish to reset their characters more than once a month, they will need to pay a fee.

The use of AP and SP in Poofyland allows for a customizable and personalized gameplay experience, where players can tailor their characters' attributes and skills to fit their preferred playstyle. The addition of the free monthly reset encourages experimentation and allows players to adapt their Poofies to changing game modes and challenges.

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