ðŸ§ŋSkill Set

A skill set is a combination of skills that a player has acquired and developed through the skill tree. In the skill tree system, a player can choose which skills to focus on and upgrade, and these choices will determine their skill set.

The basic skills in the skill tree are typically the foundation of a player's skill set, and they are essential for unlocking higher levels of skills. These skills may include basic attacks, movement abilities, and defensive maneuvers, among others. Players can upgrade these skills to increase their effectiveness and improve their combat capabilities.

Enhancement skills are the next level of skills in the tree and are usually buffs, debuffs and power increase. A player's skill set may include a combination of basic and enhancement skills that work together to create powerful combinations and tactics in combat. For example, a player may have an enhanced attack that deals additional damage when paired with a basic movement skill that allows them to close the distance with their opponent.

Finally, the ultimate skills in the skill tree are the most powerful and difficult to obtain. These skills can greatly enhance a player's abilities and often require a large number of skill points to unlock. A player's skill set may include one or more ultimate skills, depending on their playstyle and preferences.

A player's skill set in the skill tree system is the result of their choices in upgrading and focusing on specific skills. By carefully selecting and upgrading their skills, players can create unique and powerful skill sets that suit their playstyle and allow them to excel in combat.

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