ðŸĪšTraining Ground

Training Grounds is a feature in Poofyland where players can deploy their Poofies to fight against the dark army, which is controlled by AI. By default, the gameplay in the training ground is automatic, and players will deploy three Poofies to fight against the enemies. All types of attacks will be casted automatically, making the gameplay experience more accessible for all players.

For each level completed in the training ground, players will receive experience points (gains per minute). However, there is an experience limit per deploy in adventure, which means that players need to claim their experience points once the limit is reached every 4 hours to make room for new points. If the experience counter is full and not claimed, the player will no longer gain experience. It's important to note that once the experience is claimed, the experience counter will reset to zero (0), and players can continue to earn experience points as they progress through the training ground.


  • By default, combat in the Training Grounds is automatic

  • 3 Poofies will be deployed to fight against the dark army in basic training

  • All manner of attacks will be executed automatically without user intervention

  • Upon completing a level, the player will receive experience points which will accumulate up to a predetermined limit (must be claimed every 4 hours)

  • It's important to claim these points once the cap has been reached in order to continue accruing experience

  • Once the experience has been claimed, the experience counter will be reset to zero

  • If the experience cap is reached and not claimed, the user will no longer be able to gain experience.

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