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a celestial blessing bestowed upon the Poofies by the benevolent Poofy Gods within the arena. This ethereal power grants Poofies a boost in damage, casting a significant increase in their abilities throughout its entire duration. This blessing is unpredictable — it takes effect at random turns, leaving Poofies and spectators alike in suspense, waiting for the cosmic forces to unleash their might.


Description: a type of magical elixir used to energize Poofies before entering a room in the arena.


Description: in-game currency in Poofyland that are used for various in-game transactions, including purchasing potions, eggs, nests or paying for fusion. Players can obtain minerals by purchasing them from the in-game shop.

Poofy Eggs

Description: incubator for Poofies. These cute creatures are born, emerging from their cozy and colorful Poofy Eggs. Once hatched, Poofies can explore the world, develop their unique set of skills, and bond with their new companions.


a set of three Poofy Eggs that can be purchased in the in-game shop using minerals. Each egg in the nest contains a mystery Poofy of an unknown rarity and type. Once the eggs are hatched, the Poofies inside become playable in the game.

Poofy Masters:

powerful characters in the game who own and train Poofies for battles in the arena. They are responsible for managing and improving the attributes of their Poofies, as well as allocating gold for battles and making strategic decisions during battles.

Skill Points (SP):

points that can be earned by leveling up Poofies in training. It is used to upgrade the skills of a character in Poofyland.


a malevolent curse unleashed by the ominous dark forces. Its presence is felt after the fifth occurrence of Eclipse. This deadly force burns the Poofies, reducing their heath. Once the curse is inflicted and damage value is subtracted, it lingers, casting a long shadow over the Poofies until the final moments of the game.

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