In the heart of a volcano, where the lava flows like molten gold and the flames dance with an ethereal light, the Fire Poofies are born. made from the flaming hands of the God Airochi, these fantastical creatures are born from special eggs, which are forged in the heat and fire of the volcano itself.

The eggs are small and unassuming, but they are filled with a potent and ancient magic. As they hatch, tiny Fire Poofy pups emerge, their fur glowing with a warm and comforting light that matches the fiery surroundings.

From the moment they are born, the Fire Poofies are imbued with the magic of the fire God. They have the ability to create and control flames, using their powers to light the way through dark caverns and heat up chilly nights.

As the Fire Poofies grow, they discover that their powers extend beyond just controlling flames. They are also able to create powerful bursts of energy, using their magic to summon miniature explosions and heat waves.

The Fire Poofies become known throughout the volcanic regions as powerful and benevolent creatures, often serving as protectors of the land and its inhabitants. They use their magic to help forge new paths through the rocky terrain, and to help sustain the plants and animals that call the fiery landscape home.




Special Ability




"Flammy" the Fire Drake


"Flaming Scales": passively increases fire attack and critical hit chance

8% attack, 5% critical hit chance

10% attack,10% critical hit chance

12% attack, 15% critical hit chance

"Maggy" the Magma Golem


"Molten Armor" increases defense and increases HP

increase 5% defense, increase 5% HP

increase 8% defense, increase 8% HP

increase 10% defense, increase 10% HP

"Pyro" the Phoenix


"Phoenix Blaze": has a chance to double skill damage and increases SP

3% chance to double damage, increases 5% SP

5% chance to double damage, increases 8% SP

7% chance to double damage, increases 10% SP

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