ðŸšĐ Release Notes - V33.0.0

Date of Release: Nov. 14, 2023


  • Fixed Training Ground Enemies spawning on same position.


  • SERVER update

  • Added Batch 1 of New VFX Skills

  • Added Current Map position depends on current level

  • Added Special league for all the same rarity

  • Added Match history cancelled matches

  • Added Tutorial Guide for New Players

  • Added Watch Tutorial button on settings

  • Added Sunog when eclipse reaches x5

  • 15% will be deducted on the current health per Poofy when it appears and that damage value will be deducted through out the game (e.g If HP is 100 when Sunog appears, 15 damage will be deducted per round until the game is over. IMPORTANT NOTE: High Vit meta will be most affected by the sunog implementation)


  • Eclipse no longer adds after x5

  • Halloween Theme back to default

ðŸšĐ Release Notes - V32.0.27

Date of Release: Oct. 25, 2023


  • Implemented filters on the Teams tab, allowing players to filter by level and date.


  • Added a random Eclipse event to the game, with a duration between 2:00 and 4:00 minutes.

  • Introduced a new user interface for setting up teams, now featuring a 3D feature.

  • Revamped the UI for Leagues and Rooms for a better user experience.

  • Improved loading times for faster gameplay.


  • Confirmation of passwords is no longer required for account security.

  • Corrected the typo "Leadeboards" to "Leaderboard."


  • Removed the "Price" filter from the game's filters.


  • Nerfed the Earth ultimate ability for gameplay balance.

ðŸšĐ Patch Notes - V32.0.26

Date of Release: Oct. 13, 2023


  • Introduced a convenient sign-up button accessible within the app.

  • Welcoming the Leaderboard Island feature, which ranks players based on MMR. For a comprehensive leaderboard, please visit our marketing site.

  • Your username is now prominently displayed in the match history page.

  • Presenting the Poofy Profile:

    • Added an Attribute graph for a quick overview of your Poofy's capabilities.

    • Included a Skill Guide link to assist you on your Poofy adventures.

    • Provided a White Paper link for those looking for in-depth information.


  • New players are now guided to the shop since the home island button is inaccessible if there's no Poofy in your possession.

  • Streamlined the shop tabs for user convenience, making the Eggs and Nests tab the new default.

  • Redesigned the Poofy Profile, enhancing user experience with bigger attribute buttons and a plus sign in the skills list.

Patch Notes:

  • Made minor adjustments to the base stats of all Poofies.

  • Buffed the fire and wind physical type skills.

  • Lowered the cooldown of basic wind skills for improved gameplay.

  • Modified debuff skills from percentage-based to fixed values, providing players with a more tangible decrease in stats.

ðŸšĐ Patch Notes - Version 32.0.10

Date of Release: September 19, 2023


  • Fixed an issue where TG missions wouldn't proceed to the next level if the mission counter reached 9 tries. (Prod ver 32.0.11)

  • Resolved a visual label bug for Poofy skill level requirements in version 32.0.11 (PROD).

  • Fixed a visual bug in version 32.0.7 where Earth Poofy remained visible even after being defeated.

  • Corrected the display for skill effects, which were inaccurate when the value was FIXED.

  • Addressed a health visual bug.

  • Fixed various stuck issues that occurred while waiting for an opponent and during the game.

  • Improved reconnection functionality.

  • Fixed a bug causing the Max Players count to display incorrectly.

  • Fixed authentication issues that occurred while in a game.

  • Made reconnection improvements.

  • Resolved stuck issues, both while waiting for an opponent and during a match.

  • Fixed friendly fire incidents caused by delays.


  • Implemented Validation for Purchases.


  • Updated the version number to 32.0.15 in the Production environment.

  • Updated network information, including Match ID and color changes, which are now visible on the reconnect screen.

ðŸšĐ Patch Notes - Version 32.0.10

Date of Release: September 11, 2023


  • Added Cancel Button when Confirming Reset Skills and Attributes.

  • Fixed issue where Minerals did not reflect in Main menu screen after purchase.

  • Fixed [PROD] ver 32.0.7: Entering TG and claiming exp immediately forces user to go back to HOME landing.

  • Fixed [21.0.1]: If Skill bar is full and you want to add another skill, no message is shown.

  • Fixed [PROD] ver 32.0.7: Upgrading a Poofy even though insufficient exp crashes the game.

  • Fixed [Prod] ver 32.0.7: Visual bug. Earth Poofy still visible even though supposed to be dead.

  • Fixed [PROD] ver 32.0.7: Entering TG and claiming exp immediately crashes the game.

  • Fixed Minerals Bundle Purchase.

  • Adjusted dodge starting percentage (-10%).


  • Updated Version Number 32.0.10 - Production.

  • Added Improvements for UI and UX.

  • Added Match ID on Match History.

  • Added Match ID Display For PVP.

  • Added Network info Display For PVP.

  • Added Disclaimer before entering PVP.

  • Added Reset Button for Skills and Attributes for each Poofy (can only be used once).

  • New price drop on app for mineral bundles.

  • Updated League level range and criteria.


  • Disclaimer label or notice for internet connection.

Patch Notes: No skill adjustment.

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