Deep in the ocean depths, where the coral glows with a magical light and the fish dart through the water like a rainbow, the Water Poofies are born. These fantastical creatures emerge from special eggs, which are laid by the mystical Mother of the Ocean, the Goddess Nereiaqua.

The eggs are small and delicate, drifting through the currents of the sea. As they hatch, tiny Water Poofy pups emerge, their fur shimmering with the iridescent colors of the ocean.

From the moment they are born, the Water Poofies are surrounded by a magical energy that imbues them with special powers. They have the ability to control and manipulate the water around them, using their powers to create waves, currents, and even summoning powerful storms at will.

As the Water Poofies grow and explore their surroundings, they discover that they have a particular affinity for marine life. They are able to communicate with the fish and other creatures in the ocean, bringing them together to create elaborate formations and patterns.

The Water Poofies become beloved creatures of the sea, known for their mystical spirit and their ability to bring life and magic to the ocean. They are often sought out by other sea creatures in need of help, and they use their powers to heal the sick, navigate through treacherous waters, and bring joy to all those around them.




Special Ability




"Aquafluff" the Naiad


"Purify" heal wounds to itself and add skill boost damage

heal 5% skill boost 8%

heal 10% skill boost 10%

heal 15% skill boost 12%

"Bubbles" the Aquaaura


"Bubblebloom"creates a shield and absorbing incoming damage

absorb 8% damage, increase mana to 2%

absorb 10% damage, increase mana to 4%

absorb 12% damage, increase manato 6%

"Coralfin" the Waterweaver


"Coral Charm" gains an extra layer of immunity, increases damage

8% damage increase, immunity to 8%

10% damage increase, immunity to 10%

12% damage increase, immunity to 12%

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