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Poofyland Events are special occasions that happen either monthly or seasonally, offering players the opportunity to acquire unique and exclusive poofies that are only available during the event. The events also feature a leaderboard that rewards the biggest spenders with designated prizes, giving players a chance to compete and showcase their progress. In addition to that, quests based on the event are introduced, adding a sense of adventure and excitement to the game. These quests often require players to complete specific objectives, and upon completion, they are rewarded with special items and bonuses. The events come with their own set of challenges and offer players a chance to experience something new and exciting within the game.

QUESTS (Future Update)

Quests in Poofyland are a great way to earn rewards and prizes. One of the most common quests is to log in every day for a month to claim items. This quest resets every month, so players can continue to earn rewards by logging in regularly. Participating in events or tournaments may also be a part of the quest. This is a great way for skilled players to test their skills and earn rewards for their victories.


  1. Training Ground

    The "Training Ground" is where Poofies go to train and become stronger, and where Poofy Masters test new Poofy team combinations to determine their strength. In addition to building up their skills, Poofies can also mine rune fragments that are used in various game processes. Every stage of the training ground is a step closer to leveling up which awards skill points that can be used to upgrade Poofies' skills. Skill points can be reset once, but subsequent resets will require payment. The training ground is an essential feature of Poofyland, as it helps Poofies and their trainers prepare for battles and challenges in the game.

  2. Arena

    In Poofyland, the Arena is a structure used for PvP mode, where Poofy Masters can pit their teams of Poofies against one another in friendly competition. As the Arena's level increases, Poofy Masters can increase the number of PvP matches that can be played per day, allowing for more chances to test their team's strength and hone their battle strategies. Upgrades to the Arena require a combination of resources and time to complete, but the thrill of victory and the rewards of increased ranks and rewards make it a worthwhile investment for any Poofy Master looking to prove themselves in the competitive world of Poofyland PvP.

  3. Fusion Chamber

    The Fusion Chamber is a mystical place in Poofyland where Poofies can merge their energies and become stronger. It is a place where two NFT Poofies can be merged into one more powerful NFT. This process is known as Harmony Fusion, and it involves a special burning mechanism that combines the two Poofies into one.

    As you increase the level of the Fusion Chamber, you can decrease the breeding time duration, which means you can create more powerful Poofies faster. Additionally, upgrading the Fusion Chamber can also increase the number of pairs that can be bred at the same time.

    In the Fusion Chamber, Poofies can come together and merge their energies to create new and more powerful Poofies. It's a place where players can experiment and discover new combinations of Poofies, as they strive to create the ultimate Poofy that can dominate in battles and adventures.

  4. Magic Shop

    Magic Shop is a mystical building in Poofyland where can purchase in-game items such as energy. As the game phase progresses, more items will be added to aid Poofies in their adventures.

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