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The Lore

In the world of the elemental creatures known as Poofies, peace had reigned for centuries. These elemental creatures embody the forces of nature, from the fury of fire to the tranquillity of water. They are revered and feared by the world's inhabitants, for their powers are great, and their wrath is not to be trifled with. The Fire Poofies are known for their ferocity and energy. They are swift and nimble, making them adept at navigating obstacles. They may also unleash fire abilities to destroy opponents and burn through barriers. The Water Poofies are renowned for their tranquillity. They excel at problem-solving and can manipulate water to their edge. Their abilities enable them to swim across water and even control the water level in certain regions. The Earth Poofies are known for their strength and durability. They specialize in mining and can move massive boulders and other earth elements with their abilities. They may also shape the ground to solve riddles and fight enemies. The Wind Poofies are known for their love of freedom and ability to fly. They excel in exploration and may use their wind control abilities to their advantage. They can fly over obstacles and reach regions that other Poofies cannot. PoofyLand is divided into four regions, each representing a different element: fire, water, earth, and air. Each is home to a diverse array of fluffy creatures, known as "Poofies", that are attuned to the dominant element of their respective regions. In the pyro region of Ignis, one can find creatures in the bloodlines of Pyro, Maggy and Flammy. The watery region of Aqua is home to the descendants of Aquafluff, Bubbles and Coralfin. The earthy region of Azura is inhabited by the clans of Rocksnout, Pebbles and Dazzlestone. Lastly, the aero region of Ventus is where one can find the kinfolks of Gale, Zephyr and Harpy. The first Poofies of each bloodline lead tribes across various regions of Poofyland.
Overtime, the tribes grew in number, creating the new generations of Poofies tracing back from the original bloodlines. The elements of fire, water, earth, and wind lived in harmony, each in its own territory and protecting their own mythical rune. These runes were ancient and powerful artefacts that held the secrets of the elementals. It is so powerful that even a few shards are said to make any Poofy who acquires it stronger. But possessing the power that the runes confer comes at a cost. It is known to poison the mind of anybody who possesses it, causing them to drown in power. Possession of the four runes in the wrong hands meant the apocalypse, the destruction of Poofyland, and the end of the world as we know it. It is the elemental's responsibility to protect them. One day, a new and powerful creature emerged, the Dark Lord. It had heard of the power of the mythical runes and sought to use them to conquer the world. But it cannot snatch the runes alone, so it created its own army to seek the runes and aim for the destruction of Poofyland and the death of the Poofies. They are the Shadows, the army of the dark force. These creatures were zealous for conquest and dominance. They slaughtered every Poofy in their path. They are merciless, ruthless murderers who will go at any length to obtain the ancient mythical runes.
Fearing for their lives, some of the Poofies surrendered to the Dark Lord and became allies of the Shadows, only to be spared from the killings and promised power. Their colours were lost, and nothing was left of them but pallor and fear. They lived a life of misery, with nothing but fear and a poisoned heart that only obeyed the Dark Lord's command. The elemental creatures soon realized that if they were to survive, they needed to work together. They convened a council of tribal elders to plot their defence against the Shadow Elementals and the Dark Lord itself. They knew their combined power would be the only thing that could stand against the dark force, but they also knew they must safeguard their runes. The Poofies began training and preparing for battle. The fire elementals honed their fire magic, the water elementals perfected their healing arts, the earth elementals fortified their bodies, and the wind elementals figured out how to use the winds to their advantage. They also devised secret measures for concealing and protecting their runes. Finally, the day they had been dreading came. The Poofies marched out to face the Dark Lord, the Shadows and its army of enslaved elementals. The battle was fierce and brutal, but the elemental creatures were determined to save their world and their species.
In the end, the elemental creatures emerged victorious. The Shadow Elemental was defeated, and the elementals who had been enslaved were set free. The Dark Lord was wounded but was able to escape through a portal and was never seen again since then. The world was at peace once more, and the Poofies returned to their homes and lives. The four ancient runes remained safe, and the knowledge and power they held were passed down to the next generations. But the memory of the war lived on, and the elemental creatures knew that they could never let down their guard again. They formed a standing army and ensured they were always prepared to defend their world and runes against any future threats. And so, the elemental creatures continued to live in peace and prosperity, knowing that together, they were strong enough to protect their world, their people, and their runes. Years passed, and the Poofies found new allies. Poofy Masters, as they are called. They emerged from the portal at the end of the Screeching Alley that was left open when the Dark Lord escaped. It is a portal that links PoofyLand to the other worlds in the metaverse. The alley is crawling with Shadows, thirsty for blood and waiting to destroy its next prey. Knowing that they had no power against the Poofies now that their master was gone, the Shadow Elementals remained in the alley in hopes that the Dark Lord would return through the portal. They await in the darkness for the Dark Lord's return to invade PoofyLand once more.
The Poofy Masters are powerful beings who posses the power to tame and control elemental Poofies. Little did they know that the Poofy Masters were once held prisoners of war against the Dark Forces for years until the Ancient Poofies helped them defeat their foes. Now, it's time to work together for the peace of their own lands, for they both know that it's only a matter of time until the forces of darkness rise again to wreak havoc across the land. They swore their allegiance to Poofyland, devoting their lives to helping the Poofies preserve peace. They spend their lives in pursuit of mastering the elements and helping the Poofies in training. They also have the power to summon these creatures in battles against other Poofy Masters to prove their mastery over the elements. In PoofyLand, players will discover a magical world filled with colourful creatures known as Poofies. These Poofies are classified into four elemental groups: fire, water, earth, and wind. Each group has distinct qualities and talents that players may utilize as they progress through the game's different challenges and adventures. Players will have to use the unique abilities of these Poofies to progress through the game and uncover the secrets of PoofyLand. As a Poofy Master, you have been chosen by fate to embark on a journey to protect the world against the Dark Force and unlock the secrets of the PoofyLand. But be warned, for the Shadows are not to be underestimated. Your journey will be treacherous, and many dangers await you on your quest. The Dark Lord will return and stop at nothing to eliminate the Poofies, and you. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate Poofy Master, or will you fall to the wayside like so many before you?"